The approach to fixing the American K-12 and higher education skills gaps is unconventional.  This is because educators have only a minor role in the approach, albeit a very important role. Essentially, the "educational" strategy is to shift the responsibility of student development onto the student.  MyCollegeMax will assist educators with this educational paradigm shift by offering students the MyCollegeMax Advantage.


Educators recognize that students need to take full responsibility for their own learning.  There is only so much a teacher or professor can do to cultivate skills and very little they can do to spark passion.  This has to come from the student.  Educators, including school counselors, teachers, professors, administrators, and staff need to promote this transfer of ownership onto students.  In doing so, educators will create opportunities for students to take what they learn in the classroom, and develop knowledge and higher order skills through real-life experiences that students freely choose. What is critical is that these experiences cannot be required.  Students must chose to be active on their own.  Otherwise, they are just continuing to passively do what is asked of them, a habit that will be extremely detrimental to them in college and their careers. What MyCollegeMax will do is act as the catalyst to facilitate this paradigm shift in students. MyCollegeMax is an easy-to-use tool educators can use to encourage students to take increasing ownership over their own futures.